Rooftop Grease Containment Systems

Restaurants have always battled the grease on the Roof leaking from the exhaust fan and causing the Roof to become damaged from the grease and creating an uncontrollable fire hazard.  Now there is a solution…It’s a specially designed grease containment system that makes it easy to properly maintenance the grease collection device providing longer roof life around the fan and curb. See below the two pictures showing before and after grease containment retro fit. Notice the before pic when the fan is using a generic grease box.

The Grease Containment System attaches to your existing exhaust fan (adjustable to various models and sizes). This 7″ Deep System absorbs grease and oils on contact and prevents new grease deposits from ever hitting the roof. Built-in drain. Safe to use and handle. Includes screws, adaptors and mounting racks for easy installation. Filters are environmentally friendly and last 2 to 6 months depending on the grease volume your restaurant produces. Perfect for kitchens with larger volume (requires use of two filters). 15 lbs. ~Made in the USA~


*This item is environmentally friendly because it prevents grease and oil from depositing on the roof and it uses environmentally friendly filters.


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