Exhaust Duct Access Panels

You canʼt clean it – or know that itʼs clean – if you canʼt access it.

You can always do the job right when you have the right tools, and an access panel is the tool you need for optimum efficiency when maintaining a clean exhaust system. With increasing attention paid to inspections across the country and the law these inspections uphold, access panels are an absolute necessity.


NFPA #96 1-3.1.3 code states, “All interior surfaces of the exhaust system shall be reasonably accessible for cleaning and inspection purposes.”

Kitchen exhaust systems are designed to pull grease vapors and cooking residues out of the kitchen through a duct system. Some of that residue will condense on the interior of the duct system and can cause a fire hazard. The proper cleaning of the exhaust system is essential to prevent a fire hazard and access panels are an excellent way to maintain a clean system.

American Fire Prevention can properly install access doors or panels in compliance with current NFPA #96 laws so call them today and schedule an assessment of your exhaust system and the possible need for quality access panels.