Mission Statement

Our Corporate Mission Statement

American Fire Prevention Inc. is a dynamic company and service organization that
provides engineered solutions for process safety and facility protection, which is
recognized by our customers. Our company is regarded as the industry leader that
consistently meets or exceeds, requirements and expectations by maintaining the
highest levels of continuous training.

people in training session

Our leadership position is sustained by the following:

  • We focus on Innovation and continuous improvement in all areas of our
  • We believe that everyone – customers, suppliers and ourselves – must be treated
    with mutual respect, concern and compassion.
  • As an organization, we pursue healthy and profitable growth through ethical,
    innovative and competitive business practices that will focus on the highest level
    of quality, integrity and service to all our customers.
  • We strive to be the leaders everywhere we compete. Our successful leadership
    provides opportunities for individual and corporate success, advancement and