Fan Belt Service

Broken Fan Belts Can Be Disastrous

Is your restaurant constantly fighting against excessive smoke build-up within the kitchen during business hours?  Do you have to remove some filters in order to get air circulation above the cooking equipment?


Quality fan belts are critical for any hood system to function. In fact, a broken or worn fan belt is the most common reason why hood exhaust systems donʼt work properly.  It causes the kitchen to be excessively hot and the exhaust fan to operate inefficiently.  This not only creates an obvious safety hazard, it can also cost hundreds of dollars in excess utility bills.


For that reason, American Fire Prevention recommends that restaurants and commercial cooking facilities have a scheduled replacement program for fan belts. We suggest that the most convenient time to do this is after every hood cleaning.


We offer a 3-month, 6-month and 12-month fan belt maintenance program.


No Exhaust Fan = No Cooking

CAUTION: If your exhaust fan should ever suddenly stop operating and fails to pull out the smoke and heat, Call Us Immediately and stop cooking until a technician gets there! By allowing the heat to build up inside the exhaust hood by continued cooking presents a high risk of discharging your fire suppression system and completely shutting down your restaurant. A simple phone call can potentially save you thousands of lost revenue.


Contact us here to see how we can reduce your risk, save you money and give you peace of mind.