On-Site Fire Safety Training


It’s one thing to own a fire extinguisher – it’s another thing entirely to know how to use it! To extinguish a fire with a portable extinguisher, a person must be able access to the fire extinguisher, know how to activate the unit and know how to apply the agent effectively – all in the span of a few seconds. American Fire Prevention provides annual hands-on fire training to allow for high level of preparedness in the case of an emergency. Given in both English and Spanish, these classes include hands on training in extinguishing actual fires. Most people have never used a fire extinguisher and training can give them the proper knowledge and techniques to quickly subdue a fire. Fire extinguishers can save lives and property, but only if there are people who are ready, willing and able to properly use them in accordance with O.S.H.A. regulations.

  • Trained employees will have greater confidence in emergency situations.
  • Training can increase fire extinguisher effectiveness by 2 1/2 times, reducing or eliminating downtime or loss through fire, plus lives could be saved.
  • Factory Industrial Risk Insurers highly recommend hands-on training.
  • A study by the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors found that over 94% of all fires were extinguished by portable fire extinguishers.


Click here to download our Fire Training Brochure (PDF)